Crazy Cherry Slots

Crazy Cherry is a classic slot game from WGS that offers simplicity and decent prizes all at the same time. It has that classic theme that so many other slots have, but it has a cleaner look than most other options. The Slot features a blue background and three large white reels that hold the different symbols. There’s a single pay line on this slot game, and there aren’t many special features available. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a play, because there is up to $50,000 available in jackpots for players willing to bet the maximum.

Easy to Learn

The best thing about Crazy Cherry slots is that the game is simple to learn how to play. All the prize combinations are listed up above, and there aren’t any special bonus games to figure out. New players can start playing and know exactly what to expect right away. For new players Crazy Cherry is a good way to get started with online gambling, and for the more seasoned players it offers a big enough prize payout to be worth playing anyway.

Placing a Bet

With just a single pay line on this slot game, the prize that you win depends entirely on the bet that you place initially. It’s possible to bet as little as $.01 or as much as $50 per spin, and the higher bet rewards players with greater earnings. After placing the original bet, you can start up the game by spinning the reels manually, or by pressing the Auto Play button.

Winning Big

Crazy Cherry is a straightforward play experience with a small collection of symbols and relatively modest payouts. Just take a look at the above pay table to learn exactly what to expect from the game. The only special feature in this slot is the Crazy Cherry wild symbol that stands in for all the other symbols. This wild makes completing different combinations easier, and it’s also the way to unlock the top jackpot. Get three or more wilds all on the pay line and you’ll immediately be rewarded with a massive jackpot of 1000 coins multiplied by the number of coins on your pay line. That means with the maximum of 5 coins in play, you could win 5,000 coins from the jackpot.

Crazy Cherry is simple, but with as much as $50,000 on the line, it’s a game that you can do quite well with.