Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots

Turkeys live in the wild and there are also farms that nurture and grow turkeys. This simple three reel slots game with one payline is a classic example of a game that actually gives the player much more than he bargained for, in a positive way. There are three reels and one payline in this game that allows players to make bets of one, two or three coins per spin. Players can choose their coin size based on their own personal budget with options ranging from $0.01 up to $5, a total maximum bet of $15 is possible.

Simple Fun with Great Rewards

This game is very simple to play and players can see all of the projected payouts on the screen with the addition of two wild symbols. There is a 2x wild and a 5x wild. The 2x wild landing on the payline doubles payouts that it helps to complete and if two land on the payline, winnings are multiplied 4x. If the 2x lands with a 5x wild, the player benefits from a 10x payout. And two of the 5x wilds will multiply winnings 25x. The highest payout in this game is 15000 coins, awarded when three of the logos appear on the payline with a three coin bet. A two coin bet yields 10000 coins and a single coin bet yields 5000 coins. This game is simple and easy to play with some really huge relative awards.